F5 series
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F9 series
BS-5 series

Entry point . F5 series is the ticket machine use either normal barcode ticket , card ticket or F9 series if that using for cashless or ticketless using apps , Touch n Go , bank card etc. BS-5 series barirer gate use to control entry. 


F6 series
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F9 series
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A6 series (EPS)
BS-5 series

Exit point . F6 series is the ticket validate machine to check ticket allowed to exit or F9 series if that using for cashless or ticketless using apps , Touch n Go , bank card etc to exit . Or at the exit point to setup a A6 series (Exit Payment Station) for collection and control for exit point. BS-5 series barrier gate use to control exit


F8 series
A6 Series (CPS)
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Payment . F8 series Autopayment station for collection cash or cashless , A6 series (Central Payment Station) can integrated with Autopayment F8 series and cashless via e-wallet apps or bank card via mobile.


CDE Central Database Engine
Central Database Engine
Central Console Station
A6 series (CCS)
Ticket Issuing Machine
Ticket Issuing Machine

Office . Central Database Engine (CDE) is the main brain of the EPMS . A6 series (Central Console Station) needed to use for all setting and report viewing and printing. Ticket Issuing Machine use for replacement ticket and pre-print ticket. (If the ticket not using paper ticket TIM is not required.)  

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